I almost cried when I knew it was over – until I remembered this

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By the end of last quarter – I thought it would have been over – I felt that I was under prepared for one of my finals and I needed the grade in order to keep my scholarship. I knew I didn’t study enough, I knew I had a weak understanding of the subject and I knew that I didn’t have enough time to study.

Of course I had an ample list of reasons why I under prepared but I’m not going to list them here.

I decided to focus on today

I realized that I couldn’t focus on my dilemma if I kept beating myself up for all the times that I should have studied but didn’t. I couldn’t focus on my problem if I kept thinking about the results.

I asked myself if it was actually a problem

After I forced myself to focus on the moment – I started to ask myself, “is this a problem and what is the worse that can happen?” – At that point I started to realize that I had done fairly well on my midterm and exceptionally well on all my home work assignments.

If I got a failing score – I thought to myself – what would happen?

In fact, if I had gotten a failing score – I’d end up with at worse a B-, which was horrible but given my scores in my other courses – I’d still have a high enough grade point average that quarter to keep my scholarship.

From there my focus was on – what are a few things I can learn to raise my final score from a failing grade to passing.

I reminded myself of the consequences of worry

Looking back, I realized all my days of worrying caused not only sleepless nights but actually kept me from being productive. If I had spent less energy worrying, I could have spent that energy reading, writing, studying, blogging or talking to that one cute neighbor of mine.

Worry is horrible for your health can prolonged can cause serious medical problems.

These steps that I took aren’t actually my invention but rather they were penned earlier by a man named Dale Carnegie, you can see the link here:

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

And I had reviewed this book for day 5 of my reading a book a day for 365 challenge, link here:

2018 challenge day 5 – How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

I also summarized and gave examples of the first part of his book in the following links

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3 fundamentals for reducing worry – Part 1

3 fundamentals for reducing worry – Part 2

3 fundamentals for reducing worry – Part 3

Thank you

Photo by Elisabeth Fossum from Pexels


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