100 reasons to read a book: Reason #18 – Because you can learn how to cook Tonkotsu Ramen

I would like start out each post with this note:  Hi! I’m Leo and I would like to welcome all new readers to the Business-Trek journey. As a fellow trekker on this path of life I hope our interaction now adds value to your life. I would also like to thank my current readers and followers for your support. I’m still amazed not only by how fast this blog growing but also by how all of you are helping to make it grow – thank you.

Have you ever wanted to cook real and tasty ramen? – not that instant ramen you probably ate all the time as a college student. YES? guess what? – There are books out there that can teach you recipes for cooking great Tonkotsu Ramen from scratch!

Now go out there, read a book and eat well!

If you know other reasons to read a book – please let leave it in the comments and I may include it and you in a later post!

Image was taken from Wikimedia Commons: here



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