Want to perform better? How laziness can actually help you!

You are probably laughing as hard as I am about the title of this post – as a disclaimer I’m not representing any intellectual or scientific work – only my opinion as a blogger. As of today I’ve read about 18 books because my one book a day new years resolution and of course I’ve published around 60 something blog posts because power blogging.

So I’m in the middle of writing up the post for day 18 but I decided to take a break – listened to some of my favorite songs and had some time to think about all of the important things and my life and my goals. Yes I’m being lazy but in my laziness I actually came up with more blog post ideas so hopefully this post adds value to your life.

Why taking a break can help you?

If you are anything like me taking a break is something you dread, it feels like nothing is getting done. I used to hate taking off days from working out because I felt like I wasn’t losing fat that day. I used to hate taking days off from studying for classes because I felt that one less day meant being less prepared but you know something! Not taking the day off was even worse then the day off here’s why:

Taking a break lets you recover

This is a no duh – whether it be studying, working, researching, working out or just sheer winning – all of these activities take up precious energy. What happens when you run out of energy? Easy you can’t work anymore – simple as that.

Taking a break reminds you of your why

One of the things that can get lost in the hustle is the why – that’s more important because your why is your goal. Taking a break now an then allows you to contemplate your goals and see just how close your are. Taking a break may motivate you to work harder or make it could show you that it was a bad goal – and that’s okay – better that you know now then later.

Taking a break lets you enjoy life

Honestly this one is whats hitting me right now – I haven’t been able to sit on my sofa and listen to music in a while and its kind of fun to do! Yes work is important but there’s more to life then just achievements and material possessions – there are joys, family, love – you get my drift.

So do yourself, your body and your mind a favor – be lazy once in a while.

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Photo by Tim Savage from Pexels



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