3 fundamentals for reducing worry – Part 1

Hi! Before we begin, I would like to thank all of you who’ve liked, followed, commented and shared my blog thus far – each like and share has been very motivating for me on this reading challenge of mine and I hope that each post I write benefits you in some way or another. For those of you who’ve just stumbled on my blog – I would like to welcome you to business trek journey. As a fellow trekker on this path of life I hope our interaction now adds value to your life.

Now without much further adieu lets begin!

Life sometimes gets stressful, it doesn’t matter if you are a teacher, a coach or a business person – everyone has to deal with stress and worry in one way or another. However there are ways to reduce stress. In this series of posts I would like to go over the three fundamentals for reducing worry as outlined by Dale Carnegie.

2018 challenge day 5 – How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Fundamental 1 – Live each day in day tight compartments.

If you are anything like me then you’ve been in a situation where you can’t help but think of tomorrow. That nagging pain of whether or not you’d get a job, be able to pay your bills on time or if you have enough to retire just seems to eat you alive.

I remembered when I was an undergraduate, I’d always worry about whether or now I’d do well enough to get into the graduate school of my choice. Unfortunately I stressed out about that so much that I ended up not being able to study for classes, started gaining weight became a generally unlikable person.

However after reading about this technique I decided to give it a try. Rather then worry now about whether or not I would get a job – my only concern at this very moment is writing this blog post. I’m only going to concern myself with what is in the moment – don’t get me wrong, I’m still working on applications, resumes and planning but I’m not thinking about the probabilities in the future, I’m only thinking about what I need to complete today.

How is this working? Well once I developed enough discipline to do this everyday – I’m not so worried anymore, I’ve noticed my workload doesn’t seem as heavy and the days just feels better.

Key Takeaways

So whats the takeaway?

  1. First remember that you only have power over today, not tomorrow
  2. Create long term plans and goals – have them but don’t focus on whether or not they can be completed
  3. Create short term plans and goals based off of the long term ones and focus on completing these well
  4. Remind yourself that if you can finish this goals today, the goals you set in the future will eventually complete themselves.

For example if you are worried about retirement – first stop worry and set a long term goal of the amount of money you think you will need then divide that up by the years – then divide it further by the months and days. Focus on your saving goals for the day and eventually the goals for the week, months, and years will complete themselves.

If you are worried about getting into college – stop worry and set your long term goal as getting into a good college – to get in you’ll need a good GPA and test scores – focus daily on keep up with class work and you’ll find yourself getting a good GPA – focus daily on preparing for exams and you may find that the exam is pretty easy.

However if you become preoccupied with getting into college – you may find yourself unable to concentrate.

Stay tuned for Fundamental 2 and Fundamental 3 in the coming posts.

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You can check out Dale Carnegie’s Book in the following link: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Photo by Riccardo Bresciani from Pexels



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