2018 challenge day 15 – Call Me Ted

About the Book

Call Me Ted, is an autobiography of Ted Turner written by Ted Turner and Bill Burke and published on November 2, 2009 by Business Plus. The book sports 448 pages.

The book begins with Ted Turner’s early life – although born to a wealthy family, Ted’s life was pretty miserable. Living with an abusive alcoholic father, Ted would develop pains and insecurities he would later confide in Jane Fonda. His father sent him off to military school and later wanted him to attend an Ivy league school.

Against his father’s wishes Ted ends up studying classics which leads to Ted having to pay for college himself. In the end Ted drops out of Brown to work in his father’s company Turner Advertising. After Ted’s father’s death, Ted is now in control of the company and begins expanding it as well as expanding into Television stations.

The book goes back and forth between two dominant aspects of Ted’s life – sailing competitions and business. Ted develops himself as a very seasoned sailboat captain and funds his own team. He even winning the America’s cup and defending it. At the same time Ted focuses on fighting the three main broadcasting companies ABC, NBC and CBS and goes on to found CNN, Cartoon Network and a whole slue of channels and acquisitions.

Key Takeaways and commentaries

One of the things that that I found amazing about the man was the fact that he actually read several books a week. According to Ted Turner, he could read 250 pages a day which mean approximately a book every 2 days or about 4 books a week. This trait is something I’ve found in other leaders such as Catherine the Great, Napoleon and Otto Von Bismarck.

The other fact is that, the way the book is written, we get to see how Ted is able to exude charisma. Ted is a apparently very energetic and it is a trait he claims he had always had ever since his early days as a trouble maker.

I’m pretty glad to learn how Ted Turner was able to create his vast fortune. Although these moves such as buying a movie studio and colorizing its library of black and white movies are no longer possible, it is still interesting to know. Before this book I didn’t know that he was responsible for Cartoon Network. (which was one of my favorite channels before I found out I can stream anime on the internet. CAN’T WAIT TILL DRAGON BALL SUPER EPISODE 124!!!!

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For more information on the 2018 challenge, visit the following link: Business Trek 2018 reading challenge.

You can also get the book via the following link: Call Me Ted 

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