What I learned from reading a book a day for 10 days.

Reading, is a very important skill. According to studies, some of the most successful people read at least a book a week, that is about twelve times more then the average american. In fact it is stated that if you read a book a week for seven years, you’ll become one of the international experts in that field.

So rather then one book a week I decided to challenge myself and go with one book in business or business related area a day. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

Its difficult to do.

Unless you’re motivated its actually pretty difficult to keep this up doe to a variety of factors:

  1. Time – not all of us have free time, work, school, family, etc.
  2. Energy – reading consumes a great deal of energy, especially mental energy.
  3. Peer group – not many people around you may read and may actually discourage you

With these factors in mind, I want to thank my wordpress followers and everyone who has liked my posts. It has really helped keep me accountable and motivated.

Its not that difficult

I’ve found that once I’ve gotten into the rhythm of reading, and the habit – its actually not too difficult anymore. In fact after a while it become in a sense like eating or breathing – it was something that I did.

However to get this far requires a good amount of motivation, dedication and practice.

I don’t have to be smart

I used to think that people were either born geniuses or were hopeless. What I didn’t realize until I started this challenge was that intelligence is actually something that I can train just like strength, speed or any musical skill.

Of course innate talent can mean a lot – dedication means a lot more.

So what does this mean?

Reading can actually make you smarter and a better performer at your work or hobby. You don’t have to be born smart but if you keep at it you’ll eventually be one of the smartest and most knowledgeable person in your group of peers.

Its possible

The fact that I’ve been able to keep this up for ten days so far means that its possible – well to me that is.

Again if you found this post useful or enjoyable, please like and share! Thank you! Also feel free to leave a comment.

For more information about the 2018 challenge, visit the following link: Business Trek 2018 reading challenge.


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