How reading helps you make better decisions

I was in class the other day and one of my professors talked about a product that he was being sold. The salesman talked him up all the benefits of the product however the professor countered with information about alternatives that were much better that the salesman didn’t even speak of. The point was, we don’t always get all the information we need – sometimes only the information that someone wants us to know. This is why it is so important to read.

Reading gives us information

Reading obviously can give you information that is necessary in making a decision. If you want to get a car fixed, it might be a good idea to read about cars before finding a mechanic. Without knowing much about cars, you could get scammed. Same applies if you want to invest money, make a major purchase, etc. The more you know the better.

100 reasons to read a book: Reason #3 – You’ll learn something new

However there are problems with reading, books have their weaknesses and biases and like that salesperson, sometimes only shows us information they want us to know. Sometimes books and media are limited or just convoluted – so how do you work around this?

Simple, read more. Read as much as you can on that topic.

Every subject is like a group of blind men talking about an elephant, each person will describe only parts of it that they can immediately feel. By reading as much as you can about a single topic you begin to develop a big picture view of the subject – at the same time you’ll also develop a sense of who is truly knowledgeable and who is a fake.

Hence why great leaders have been known to read considerable amounts.

Why read? how the habit of reading can change your life.

How reading biographies can change your life

So do yourself a favor, open up a book and read – read as much as you can and then decide for yourself.

Thank you for reading.

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Image was taken from wikimedia commons: Here


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