Are you afraid of big words? If so you have hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

Words are very powerful – they are the tools that allow writers to write. The more tools you have in your disposal the more freedom you have in thought and self expression. The more freedom – the more possibilities. In fact, in a post by Razib Khan in DISCOVER magazine, Higher Vocabulary ~ High Income, people with higher vocabularies have a higher income level.

Of course this could be for many reasons such as higher income earners have more time to learn new words, however since I want empowerment, I’m going to believe that higher vocabulary level leads to better earnings and success. I believe it is because the more words you know the more precision you can describe the world around you and also to learn that many words you’d have to be self disciplined and exposed to many great life changing books and conversations. Many high paying professions such as Physicians and Lawyers require a good handle of language just to get the education. So a strong vocabulary means higher potential earnings.

So I’ve always tried to learn new words whenever I can, from English to my native Vietnamese, from Spanish to Mandarin (I can’t speak these two but I’m learning). To my delight I came across this rather ironically named word:


Which means the fear of large words – TRY USING THAT IN A SENTENCE!

Or pronounce it.

What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments and if you found this post useful or enjoyable, please like and share! Thank you! 

Image was taken from wikimedia commons: Here



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