Reasons why I blog

I was thinking about this all today ever since posting the previous article: Why you should not be blogging and why you should. I stated there that blogging for cash would never be a great idea and a few general reasons – but what are my reasons for blogging?

Here’s a few I could come up with.

  1. I’m blogging to keep myself accountable – I started this blog around my new years resolution, and the fact that it is publicly accessible now, means that I can’t cheat or fake it.
  2. I’m blogging to become a better write – coming from a mathematics background, I didn’t read or write much. The last few years of undergraduate for me – I never had to write single term paper, however in business communication skills through all media is vital. I need to be able to write so I blog to help me practice my writing skills.
  3. I’m blogging to inspire – A while back I was looking up online “what would happen if you read a book a day”, other then Tai Lopez ads, I came up with nothing. Hence my goal is to catalog my year of reading a book a day every day so that others in the future could look at it and know that its possible, what to expect and see the results.
  4. I’m blogging for friends and community – I think, one blogger, Ray puts it best in his post One, Very Good Reason to Blog is that the best reason to blog is meet people virtual. So far from my experience Bloggers have been very kind and encouraging to me, especially through this journey. I’m finding it amazing how I’m having conversations with Bloggers all the way in India!
  5. I’m blogging to add value – Its my hope that every blog post I post adds value to someone out there.

Thank you for reading.

Also in the spirit this post I would like to you do a favor for me!

Write a post and include the following instructions, your post:

Write a post titled, “why I am blogging” and list several reasons why you are blogging. Then post the link to that post on the comments of

What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments and if you found this post useful or enjoyable, please like and share! Thank you! 

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