Why “Fake it till you make it” may not work for you and what you could do instead.

We’ve all heard this “fake it till you make it.” In fact as a business student, I hear this all the time from many many people. However there’s a problem with fake it till you make it, you’re a fake.

Personally, I used to subscribe to “fake it till you make it” but unfortunately this gave me a strange uncomfortable gut feeling. I like to be honest so faking it felt really bad to me. I felt like an impostor waiting for someone to find out, and the more I fake the more like an impostor it felt like.

Now you may mention that it helps people with the impostor syndrome, and faking it may work, however the impostor syndrome may come from a deeper problem involving someone’s sense of self worth. It is better to go get help for a lack of self worth then to fake that you have it.

What I’ve noticed a few things really helped me boast my confidence:

  1. One of the issues that I had was my sense of self worth. I once had a very negative self concept and low sense of self worth. Once I started to work on that, I started to realize that if I failed or made a mistake, I could always restart – this lead to my next point.
  2. We all make mistakes, but we can improve and learn from them. I used to be an extreme perfectionist, I’d stress over small details because I felt a mistake meant that I was stupid. Accepting the fact that we all make mistakes and we can learn from them – was pretty helpful. I could try, fail and learn without feeling as bad as I did before – of course I did make sure that my mistakes were not too expensive.
  3. By no longer being a perfectionist, I actually started developing competencies, accumulating knowledge and was much less stressed out. By actually knowing what I was talking about – I didn’t feel like an impostor at networking events.

So these are the things that worked for me, keep in mind that this is my experience and opinion and it may not work for you but if you are not feeling confident or see yourself as an impostor – please look inside yourself, the problem may have to do with self worth and working on that is much better then always having to fake it.

If you have a method that works for you please let me know in the comments.

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Image was taken from Wikimedia Commons: Here


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