Why read? how the habit of reading can change your life.

Growing up I’ve heard that a good book can change your life. It can introduce you to new ideas, peoples, and places that you may never have known about. Of course, I never took this seriously until I started working on my MBA.

One of the topics that fascinated was leadership and leaders, specifically how leaders got to where they were and what they did to get them there. As a result, I spent a great deal of time going through biographies and personal and professional development texts to find what habits almost all leaders seem to exhibit. (If you read my previous article “Goal setting for 2018 – how to make your own luck”, then you’d know I subscribe to Thomas Corley’s philosophy that good habits lead to “opportunity luck” and success.)

That one habit is reading! Simple right?

CEO’s of companies have been reported to read and average of around 1 book a week or around 50 a year. Bill Gates reads 50 a year and Warren Buffet takes this to an extreme – 500 pages a day – that’s practically one book a day.

Historically leaders such as Catherine the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte and Otto von Bismarck were voracious readers. In fact, Napoleon in his early days neglected his diet to buy books.

In fact, according to the Dean of Self Development, Earl Nightingale:

If you send 1 hour per day studying your chosen field, within a three years you’ll become one of the top in your field. Within five, you’ll be a national authority and in seven you’ll become one of the best internationally.

An hour a day reading? That’s about one book a week – this is starting to make sense right?

So will reading be part of your 2018 resolution? I know its going to be mine! feel free to share your thoughts in the comments

Image was taken from Wikicommons: Here

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