Goal setting for 2018 – how to make your own luck.

A dear friend of mine had always commented on how I always seem to be lucky – most of the things I want, somehow I get in the strangest ways. Honestly I believe it has something to do with goals.

Goal setting is something that I use to do sporadically in my younger days usually around things such as learning piano, learning Kung Fu, building awesome mansions in minecraft and beating that last level of Sonic the Hedgehog. (my first roommate and I were avid fans of vintage video games)

Sometimes I would set goals to something important to my career, for example taking college math during high school, learning to write software and graduate school. However, most of the time, I allowed my career be dictated by chance.

So how does this have anything to do with luck?

In Thomas C. Corley’s book Rich habits, he defines a concept called opportunity luck. This concept is basically lucky breaks that you can create and control by having good habits such as goal setting and professional development. Having these good habits makes you prepared so that one an opportunity comes, you can take advantage of it.

For example if you want to be a famous musician, your first goal is to become an expert at a musical instrument and a musical style, the habit you’d need to develop is practicing and learning music every day. Hence goal setting and professional developm


ent. Eventually you’ll start to become known around your area as the musician and eventually you’ll find a talent scout or agent to help you on your career.

If you aren’t an expert musician, even if you are surrounded by talent scouts and agents, you’re never going to become a famous musician because these people are only looking for expert musicians. However if you are skilled and prepared – eventually you’ll get your “lucky break”.

I’ll be writing more on how to create opportunity luck in my later posts and historical examples – so stay tuned.

Also happy new years and if you have any goals or resolutions, feel free to share them in the comments.

 Image was taken from wikicommons: Here

You can find a copy of Rich Habits: Here


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