Welcome 2018! – My Resolution

I’d never thought that I would do this – if I told myself about my this challenge only a year or two ago, I would scoff at it saying that it would get me nowhere if I tried. In fact, if my old friends hear of this they would think that I had:

  1. Lost my mind
  2. Been kidnapped and someone else is using my name
  3. Been kidnapped by aliens and reprogrammed
  4. This world is coming to an end
  5. I’ve faked my death and …

Yes, college boys fed on a healthy diet of anime, pizza and energy drinks tend to come up with a plethora of very plausible ideas.

Anyways I digress

Ever since I entered the MBA program at the University of California, Riverside, reading had become an integral part of my life but this wasn’t always so. With a BS in mathematics and all my electives in Computer Science – reading was not something I did often. I wasn’t a big fan of novels or comics either so, I sometimes went months without ever touching a book.

It was very difficult to read vast quantities of text for courses such as organization behavior so I made it a goal for myself to read. At first it was any chance I got, a book or article every few weeks – then it become a book or article every few days.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m a guy that loves a challenge and the feeling of self improvement – so for 2018 my resolution is to read 1 book a day in areas such as Business, Finance, Economics, etc.

Please follow in my journey as I take a look at the world of business literature throughout 2018!

If you have any new years resolutions feel free to share them in the comments.



      1. How They Met. I am writing under the name Charlene Mathis. You can read a sample on Amazon or get the ebook free to download on any device. It’s three short love stories about how three couples meet and fall in love unexpectedly. You may or may not be into romances, but if you ever feel like checking it out, I would appreciate a nice review. It would help a lot. Thanks! Oh, and follow me on Amazon, please.

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  1. Great goal and it sounds like it will compliment your STEM studies very nicely! I’m looking forward to hearing your recommendations!

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